MUDO - martial art without pressure to perform

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Aus dem MUDO-Training
Aus dem MUDO-Training

Mudo - Movement and more

Mudo comes from Korean and literally means "martial arts way".

However, the meaning of the word does not stand for a path of physical combat but for a mindful way of life. Thus, Mudo can be freely translated as "path of mindfulness".

The starting point of the practice is the unity of Cheong-Shim-Che (mind-soul-body). When practicing, this unity promotes the development of not only physical but also mental and personal strength.

This offer is aimed at participants who enjoy movement and want to do something good for their health and well-being. Certain elements of martial arts are deliberately omitted, so that no idea of performance arises. For example, there are no exams or competitions in Mudo, we do not wear a dobok (white fighting suit), and we do not follow the belt system.

However, the movements and exercise elements all originate from the martial art of traditional Taekwon-Do and are taught by an experienced trainer.

Sandra Magnus (trainer)

Sandra has been training with us at the Taekwon-Do Center Heidelberg since 2008. What was initially intended as a companion for your son, soon developed into a passion. With this passion, she now wants to pass on what she has learned. Since 2014 Sandra leads the Mudo group.

"About 1 year ago, I came across Mudo while looking for a sport that offered something more besides classic gymnastics. Immediately I was enthusiastic about the great mixture of elements of the martial art Taekwon-Do, stretching and strength building of the body. 

 Mudo taught me to listen more to my body and mind again. It's a wonderful way to approach age with serenity."

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A few impressions from the MUDO training.